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Online communication: a good way to boost self-confidence?
When it comes to the theme of interpersonal communication one of the most popular advice in our modern world sounds like «You should be confidently». It sounds stupid but sometimes this advice by itself is really good. The problem is that it`s really difficult to boost self-confidence. And when it comes to me I should say that I don`t know a multipurpose way to do it.
Some people think that online communication is a good way to boost self-confidence. The main argument for this position is that the Internet gives people an opportunity to communicate with each other anonymously so one day you`ll stop being hesitant in real life.
As for me the Internet can`t solve the problem. I don`t mind that online communication is bad by itself, but it can`t help with boosting self-confidence or solve problems with interpersonal communication. Let me give you some reason of my statement.
Firstly, it`s about a way of communication. Online and face to face communication have different ways of working. In the Internet people usually start talking on a base of general interests but in a face to face familiarity you should ask a lot of questions to find something to talk about. Most of Internet`s users know about this difference so the experience of online communication doesn`t really help them with their feelings about themselves.
Secondly, I want to give you an example. Let`s imagine an unpleasant person. The person had problems in his real life `cause people were always disgusted by him. And the person used online communication for making friends. But one day his friends made a meeting and he visited it. And his friends` first reaction was disgust (I should admit that this statement based on my own experience of being this kind of friend). How would our character feel himself?
Thirdly, there always be a sort of people who`ll convict you because of your face, weigh, body, age, gender, sexual orientation or just because your opinion differs from their. The last point is the most actual for online communication, of course. Back to the subject, for those people an opportunity to talk anonymously is an opportunity to be rude with you without any punishment. And their kind of rudeness can make the situation with you self-concept worse.
I like online communication. I like the Internet. But it is not a friendly place. It is not a place where people with problems can always have help. As for me, the Internet is just one more field of interpersonal communication and people are just people wherever you talk with them.

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